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Beyond Pleasant Garden

Lumberton Mission Trip 2 - 2019.jpg

Eastern NC

Each year, we send Mission Building Teams to Fayetteville or Lumberton, NC to help with the flood recovery efforts of the NC Conference of the United Methodist Church. 

Volunteers stay at the Mission Response Center and work to restore homes of families flooded by hurricanes and storms.

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Puerto Rico

We have a rich relationship with Methodist churches in Puerto Rico, where for several decades we have sent an annual mission feam to help them build ministry facilities to match their needs.

Armenia - Project A.G.A.P.E.

project agape.jpg

Each year in November, we collect items to assemble gift boxes for children in Armenia through Project A.G.A.P.E. Individuals, families, and groups help purchase the items and we have a "packing party" in December to prepare them to be shipped.

We also host periodic drives to support the orphanage, school, Christian ministry operated by Project A.G.A.P.E. Find out more here:

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